Welcome to Re-Magi-Nation!

Remember the days when fantasy wasn't just elves, dwarves and orcs, when the whole point of science fiction was to surprise the reader, and when the blood-sucking monster didn't have to be a vampire? So do we. Let's make those days here and now.

Re-Magi-Nation is a site dedicated to putting the originality back into the Role-Playing hobby. We've seen more than enough warmed-over Tolkien, Jedi wannabes and tired old cliches to last a lifetime. Now we want something new! If you've created an RPG which you feel is truly innovative in every sense of the word, whether that means a new and fascinating slant on the rules or a brilliantly inventive game world to play in, then we want to hear from you!

What Can I Do Here?

Re-Magi-Nation is a site for RPG enthusiasts who insist on the unusual and inventive. You could use the site to browse around and discover new games that are out of the ordinary, which you might not otherwise find out about. Or, if you're an RPG creator yourself, you could use these pages to advertise your own creations. Any member of the site can apply to have their products advertised here, and if the site administration likes what it sees there is no cost. Access to the official advertising area is restricted though, so please ask first.

Alternatively, you might like to stretch your abilities by taking part in a contest or two. We plan on running regular contests to help improve the general creativity of the role-playing community. Join the fun, and keep an eye on the competitions page for more information!

Where do I Join?

You can find the application form for membership Right Here!